Jesus is Lord – Still Good News?

March 17, 2017

Rev. Leslie Tomlinson

As one who grew up in a faithful Christian home, I gave about as much thought to the statement “Jesus is Lord” as I gave to the statement “the sky is blue”.  It wasn’t until I met a young man in college who had just come to faith in Jesus, that I began to learn the weight of those words.

The zeal of a new convert was mesmerizing. I was so inspired to see how this fellow student questioned and evaluated everything in his life under the authority of Jesus. “Jesus is Lord” meant the world to him. Every aspect of life was now subject to the lordship, the reign of Jesus.  His devotion and enthusiasm provided a contrast to my comfortable cruising. By example he encouraged me to live like it’s true, like Jesus is my Lord, my boss, my savior. And not just my savior, THE savior of the world.

As the apostle Peter began his message at the Gentile Cornelius’ home, “You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, announcing the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.” (Acts 10:36) Jesus Christ is indeed, Lord of all. The Lordship of Jesus is the good news. Just as I forgot the goodness of that news as I grew up in the church, many of us have forgotten how good that news still is.

What has diminished our claim? What has caused us to loose influence in culture? Likely there are volumes and terabytes written on this question but one significant reason is our limiting the power of the good news. When we limit the power of Jesus to bring peace in the most terrible storm, we diminish our claim. When we limit God’s power to transform us from sinner to saved, we diminish our claim. When we limit the authority of God’s Word, we diminish our claim. The Lordship of Jesus isn’t tarnished but the Church’s proclamation is dulled when we fail to see possibilities for hope, healing, and resurrection.

As our denominational church family faces a crisis of covenant, the Lordship of Jesus gives hope. The Wesleyan Covenant Association clings to this hope in the Lord Jesus. I joined the WCA to stand with brothers and sisters in the Methodist tradition that claim Jesus Christ, Lord of all. Together we trust that God is moving in the world and the Wesleyan message of grace and assurance, hope and transformation is good news.

It is good news that Jesus can heal us and free us from any hindrance that entangles. The season of Lent challenges us to ask again, with the zeal of a new convert, is there any thing in me, in my life that I have not surrendered to the Lord Jesus? Examine your heart anew today. Surrender anew today to Jesus. Band together with fellow disciples of Jesus that we may encourage one another with this good news of peace.

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