Rescue the Perishing

August 10, 2017

Jesus was explicit.  “The Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”  Luke 19:10 (NLT).  In God’s great wisdom, those who were perishing would be rescued through a relationship with God’s Son – Jesus.  No one was exempt from the necessity of a rescuer.  Rescue was available to all, but each person must individually respond to the invitation and accept God’s gift in Jesus Christ.

This was the mission of Jesus.  And Jesus made it our mission too.  Jesus declared, “Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world.”  John 17:18 (NLT).  In the Great Commission, Jesus directs his disciples, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  Matthew 28:19 (NLT).

This is our preeminent calling – introducing people to Jesus and helping them become his fully devoted followers.  When the church succeeds at this, it is true to its calling.  When the church neglects this calling, it can no longer profess to be the church.

Our mission is not to build institutions.  Our mission is not to make a name for ourselves.  Our mission is to be passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with a lost and hurting world, and inviting every person into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Historically, Methodists have excelled in majoring in the fulfillment of this mission.  Our forbearers knew and lived out their identity as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They sacrificed – sometimes giving their very lives.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the world was their parish and they were a great movement of God reaching people wherever they could be found with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Now it is our time.  We are called to pick up the mantle and move forward in reaching persons for Christ.  We cannot be distracted by other agendas.  Our Lord beckons us.  He will fulfill the mission.  Will we be available for his use?

As United Methodists, we are at a crossroads.  Will we be filled with our Lord’s passion for a hurting and dying world?  Will we once again be empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach those who are perishing?  Will we subordinate all other agendas to the primary agenda of Jesus?  Will we be found faithful as a movement which is intent on being spent in the cause of Christ?  Will we have the courage of our convictions to stand unapologetically on God’s word and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ?  What will that look like for us as a connected people who are emerging from a time of great uncertainty in our life together?

In the midst of a season of great struggle in The United Methodist Church, God is inviting us to gather together.  On October 14, we will meet at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, Texas, near Houston, and in numerous simulcast sites around the country for “Move – On Mission With God,” the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s 2017 Global Gathering.  Additional simulcast sites are being added weekly.  We will experience powerful worship, inspiring preaching and passionate messages as we seek the face of God and surrender to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

The Wesleyan Covenant Association is committed to igniting a new movement of God among the people called Methodist.  We know things are changing in The United Methodist Church.  The shape of the future is uncertain.  For our part, we want to commit once again to being an apostolic movement advancing the Kingdom of God globally.

We hope you will join with us.  Let’s get moving with God!  See you on October 14.


Registration is now open for “Move – On Mission With God.”  You may register to attend at the live venue or one of 35 simulcast sites located around the United States.  More simulcast sites are being added weekly.  Preferred rates are available at hotels near the live venue.


The Wesleyan Covenant Association is excited to announce that one of the keynote speakers at “Move – On Mission With God” will be Jennifer Cowart.  Jennifer and husband, Jim, are founding pastors of Harvest Church in Middle Georgia, where Jennifer serves as Executive Pastor.  Harvest is a congregation that concentrates on helping people far from God draw closer to Him.  With over 3000 first time decisions for Christ, Harvest has been among the fastest growing churches in our country in the past decade.  Jennifer tries to take God and His Word very seriously, but life in general not so much.

Jennifer and Jim have written several books including Living the Five, Start This Stop That, Hand Me Downs, and G3 – a system for Community Group Growth.

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