Igniting a Movement

August 18, 2017

Who would opt out of a movement of God? “No one,” we might exclaim. Yet, history is littered with people who were complacent, ambivalent, distracted and otherwise occupied. In order to be part of a movement of God, you have to be willing.

Prior to his experience at Aldersgate, John Wesley was otherwise occupied. He was earnest about human endeavors. Who would criticize his investment in traveling to the American colonies as a missionary? But his efforts were fueled by human initiative and agenda, and they ended in discouragement and disillusionment.

But what a difference after Aldersgate! With a heart strangely warmed, Wesley was on fire for the Lord’s agenda. Wesley was insatiably hungry for God. All human endeavors became secondary to God’s agenda such that Wesley made himself completely available to God and His purposes.

Wesley fully adopted the status of servant of Christ, seeking to be faithful to one Lord. And he was teachable – open to the new possibilities that God revealed to him. He shocked his contemporaries as he embraced field preaching and other means of spreading scriptural holiness. Abandoning the dead religion which marked the contemporary religious experience of his nation, he was used by God to ignite a spirit-empowered movement which unleashed the fervor of the laity and reached millions for Christ. Ultimately, he was used of God to reach millions in America through his spiritual descendants.

Now it is our time. God is inviting us to have our deepest hungers satisfied at a banquet He has prepared. God is asking us to lay aside human endeavors and agendas, and make ourselves available for the purposes God is revealing in this age. God is searching for those who will surrender to Christ’s Lordship without reservation. The Holy Spirit desires to equip and empower those who will be teachable in this generation.

So will you come? On October 14, we will meet at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, Texas, near Houston, and in numerous simulcast sites around the country for “Move – On Mission With God,” the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s 2017 Global Gathering. There are now 46 regional simulcast sites located from coast to coast with more sites being added weekly. New sites added just this week are listed below. We will experience powerful worship, inspiring preaching and passionate messages as we seek the face of God and surrender to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

The Wesleyan Covenant Association is committed to igniting a new movement of God among the people called Methodist. We know things are changing in The United Methodist Church. The shape of the future is uncertain. For our part, we want to commit once again to being an apostolic movement advancing the Kingdom of God globally.

We hope you will join with us. Let’s get moving with God! See you on October 14.

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