A Firm Foundation

September 28, 2017


The Wesleyan Covenant Association announced the release of a new resource, “A Firm Foundation,” on October 14!

Until about 40 years ago, most Methodist knew what it meant to be a Methodist. Today, there are so many competing visions of what it means to be a Methodist that our beloved denomination is on the brink of collapse. Sadly, most United Methodists don’t even know it’s happening.

Most all of us will agree that The United Methodist Church that brought us here will not be the church that carries us to the future. We need hope and vision for a new Methodist future. And that is what the Wesleyan Covenant Association offers in its new book A Firm Foundation.

Launched at the October 14th Global Gathering, A Firm Foundation answers questions like:

“What does the future hold for the United Methodist Church?”

“What should be the response to the competing visions and notable division within contemporary Methodism?”

“Can we explore the issues confronting us in a post-Christendom era without rupturing our relationships?”

The Book was written to help pastors and ministry leaders cast a vision for their church and congregation on what it means to remain faithful disciples in the theological tradition of historic Methodism rather than bend to the whims of the culture. This 7 part study is designed to be a tool for pastors and congregations to have the talk that most churches have been avoiding for decades.

The Book can be a resource for a church’s leadership team or small groups to engage not only the present challenges but promising future for the people called Methodist. Each chapter of the Book concludes with thoughtful questions to invite conversation. A DVD is available to accompany the Book featuring videos highlighting the key points addressed in each of the chapters.

The foundational principles that have guided Methodism from the beginning of John Wesley’s countercultural movement remain rich resources for us today. Click below to order your copy today.


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