A Call For Risk-Taking, Christ-Centered Leadership

Jennifer Cowart, a lay woman and executive pastor of Harvest Church in Warner Robins, Georgia, challenged those assembled at the 2017 Global Gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, to respond to God’s call to be risk-taking, Christ-centered leaders in this generation.  Cowart declared, “We need more Jesus people to show up in tough situations – people who know the message of the cross is not outdated, who believe the authority of Scripture, and who know Christ is what a world desperately hurting needs.”  Cowart observed, “It’s not new that the people of God have to do hard things in difficult times.  In fact, what makes a great leader a great leader is that they do the hard thing in the difficult time.”

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All of the videos from the 2017 Global Gathering may ultimately be viewed and downloaded at  wesleyancovenant.org/houston-information.

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