Developing Fully Devoted Disciples of Jesus

Rev. Rob Renfroe, pastor of discipleship at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, Texas (Texas Conference), focused on our mission of developing fully devoted disciples of Jesus in his address to the 2017 Global Gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association.  “I want to glorify my Lord and Savior, and I want to be a blessing to the world that He died to save.  And the greatest way I know to do that is let God use me to make purposeful, powerful, passionate disciples for Jesus Christ – to make disciples for Jesus Christ who will take the Gospel to the nations and who will bring what we Methodists refer to as social holiness to the world.”

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All of the videos from the 2017 Global Gathering may ultimately be viewed and downloaded at  wesleyancovenant.org/houston-information.

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