Lessons From Africa

In his address to the 2017 Global Gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, Rev. Forbes Matonga, pastor in charge of Nyadire Mission in Zimbabwe and Secretary of the Africa Central Conference, addressed the global nature of The United Methodist Church and lessons that can be learned from the rapid growth of The United Methodist Church on the continent of Africa. Matonga observed, “[In Africa], The United Methodist Church offers a truly global church. United Methodists on the African continent do not believe in nationalistic churches. They believe in a church that is truly worldwide.” Matonga highlighted how the United Methodist Church in Africa is highly evangelistic, led by empowered laity, rooted in Scripture, and aware of the great need for salvation that comes from Jesus alone.

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All of the videos from the 2017 Global Gathering may ultimately be viewed and downloaded at  wesleyancovenant.org/houston-information.

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