WCA Responds to President Trump’s Recent Reported Comments

January 12. 2018

Like all United Methodists, The Wesleyan Covenant Association is honored to call many people in the nations of Africa and the nation of Haiti our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Three members of the WCA’s governing council are from Liberia, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are recognized leaders around the UM connection, and they ably represent United Methodists across the continent. We are proud to call them our friends and fellow workers in Christ.

Furthermore, for decades, many local UM Churches in the U.S. have developed long and warm partnerships with people, local churches, schools, and mission organizations in Haiti and Africa.


Because of the specific and pointed comments directed at African nations and Haiti, we repudiate the recent remarks attributed to President Donald Trump. We join with legislators from both parties who believe that these words are unworthy of the office of the President. The sentiments are completely contrary to all the Wesleyan Covenant Association stands for.

We understand immigration policy is a challenging matter for all nations, and therefore we make no attempt to pretend we are specialists when it comes to legislation and policy. However, we expect our leaders, especially our President, to set the highest standards when debating this issue, and more importantly, to be ever mindful of the human dignity inherent in our brothers and sisters in all nations.

We call on President Trump to apologize for any intemperate comments, to correct the public record, and to recognize the dignity and sacred worth of all peoples.

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