Unashamed of the Future of Methodism

Declaring that Methodists are called to contend for the faith in every circumstance and regardless of the adversity that might be encountered, Rev. Madeline Carrasco Henners urged the more than 2,500 persons attending the Wesleyan Covenant Associations 2018 Global Gathering to navigate the future of Methodism by leaning into Christ and following his leadership.

Henners argued that those who seek to change Methodism’s historic commitments by undermining who Jesus is in order to be relevant in the culture are missing the power of the Gospel. “Jesus is always relevant because the transformative power of the Holy Spirit is real in people’s lives,” she declared.

Noting that the special General Conference of The United Methodist Church is rapidly approaching, Henners declared the WCA will “defend scriptural truth not merely because it is right to do, but because we believe Jesus is the only way for truth and freedom. The truth of Christ is something to eagerly and earnestly contend and seek for with your all heart,” she said.

You can learn more about the WCA’s position on matters pending before the special General Conference of the UM Church and its preparation for every contingency here.  You can watch and download the entirety of Henner’s message by clicking on the play button below.  You can also watch and download other messages from the 2018 Global Gathering here.

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