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The Wesleyan Covenant Association invites our followers, friends and members to participate in an anonymous survey regarding the various plans and proposals coming before The United Methodist Church’s special General Conference slated for February 23 – 26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri.

As the 864 delegates prepare to gather for the special General Conference, we think it is very important to give lay and clergy the opportunity to make their voices heard before the conference convenes. Additionally, we will share the results of the survey with the WCA Council and the wider public later this month. We will use the information as an important data point among others for discerning how we should respond to the results of the special General Conference.

The survey asks whether you are a clergy person or layperson, and what state or province and country you live in. Twenty four statements follow these two questions. You will be given the option to strongly agree, agree, state you are not sure, disagree, or strongly disagree with each statement. Please read the questions very carefully. Many of them will sound identical, but of course they are not. The statements seek to elicit responses regarding how you would respond to various options personally and how you think your local congregation might respond. The survey will take you approximately 5 – 10 minutes to complete, and you will only be able to respond to the survey once. Your responses are confidential. The survey will remain open until Friday, January 11.

If you need additional information about the plans in order to inform your responses to the survey, reference our article from Tuesday, January 2, HERE and the charts referenced.

You can begin responding to the survey by clicking the button below. Please note that the survey tool we use restricts responses to only one per device. We hope you take the time complete it. Thank you.


Take the Survey
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