Wesleyan Covenant Association Announces Results Of Special General Conference

The special General Conference of The United Methodist Church concluded late on February 26. In its final plenary session, the General Conference took final action on the two major plans advanced for a way forward. The One Church Plan was defeated by a vote of 45.4% for and 54.6% against. A version of the Traditional Plan was adopted by a vote of 53.3% for and 47.7% against. An exit path was adopted by a vote of 51.85% to 48.15%. Each aspect of those items adopted were hotly contested and met with significant efforts to delay, obstruct and disrupt the work of the General Conference.

The WCA Council will meet on Wednesday and Thursday, February 27-28, in St. Louis to analyze the decisions of the special General Conference, and determine the next steps of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. Please be in prayer for this important meeting. A statement will be issued following the conclusion of this meeting.

Further analysis of the decisions made by the special General Conference will be shared in the coming week. We are grateful for your prayers for the church, the Wesleyan Covenant Association, the WCA Council and our staff.

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