Recommended Churches List Available

Frequently, the Wesleyan Covenant Association receives inquiries from persons looking for churches that affirm the WCA’s statements on biblical authority, faith, and moral principles. Now, such churches can be identified from a special page on the WCA website.

Churches listed on the page are not necessarily members of the WCA but have affirmed their commitment to the WCA’s statements. Each church’s listing contains information about the church’s physical address, pastor, phone number, email, website and address for accessing online worship services. By clicking on the church name the website of the church can be viewed.

Users can locate the church closest to them by entering their zip code in a search field. Other churches in a person’s annual conference or state can be located by alternative searches.

The page will be updated continually and churches can be added to the page by returning the Church Authorization Form signed by the senior pastor of the church.

Initially, listings on the page are limited to churches in the United States. Future updates will include churches located in parts of The United Methodist Church outside of the United States.

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