Watch and Pray

“…keep watch with me for one hour…watch and pray…”

God has called the WCA International Intercessory Prayer Network to cover every hour of the next year in prayer as we prepare for season of separation and a time transition to a new global Methodist church. We are confident the Lord will work through the prayers and surrendered hearts of His people to birth a new church, and to prepare and to protect those He has called to lead it.

The scriptural inspirations for this work of prayer are the story of the re-building of the Jerusalem wall in Nehemiah, and Christ’s words in the Garden of Gethsemane where he urges his closest disciples to watch and pray.

We want to encourage global participation by all who are called to prayer. The vision is to cover the earth with prayers, both to prepare for what God is bringing about, and to protect and guide all involved from the attacks of the enemy. Sign-up today to join us by clicking Watch and Pray.


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