Choices Abound!

FAQs – The State of The United Methodist Church

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Commission on Way Forward’s Report Not Released

Four Marks of the Next Methodism

Going Forward with Scripture

The Long and Winding Road to St. Louis

Wesleyan Covenant Association Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization

Preparing for the Future

Council of Bishops Attempts to Clarify Confusion It Created

Grace Series

Just Say No to Local Church Options for the UMC

A Message from the WCA

What Petitions Can Be Received by the Special 2019 General Conference?

A Very Good Question

General Conference 2019 Information


Confidence for the Future

Harvesting Fruit from Easter

Nicene Creed Series

So Now What?

Living Separate and Apart

Should We Each Do What Is Right In Our Own Eyes?

A Moment in Time

“Church Sees Record Giving” and the Rest of the Story

Uniting Methodists Caucus Advocates For Unity Petitions that Will Bring Disunity

The Bad News and the Good News

Emptied for God’s Purposes

Unity and Reality

Unity and Division

Contingency Planning and Preparations for the Future

A Milepost on the Way Forward

Longing For A Better Way Forward

Encountering God in Scripture

A Firm Foundation

There’s Much to Pray About So Our Prayers Abound

All Hands on Deck

Igniting a Movement

Preparing a Plan for the Future

Creating a Unified Response

Committed to Christ and the Scriptures

Our Hope for the Way Forward

What is the Wesleyan Covenant Association?

Marriage and the Means of Grace

Back to the Basics: Love, Sin, Salvation, and the #NextMethodism

10 Steps toward Civility (a place we all need to go)

I Joined the Wesleyan Covenant Association


WCA Brochure

View and download an informational brochure about the Weslyan Covenant Association for you and your church.

From Ego to Awe


WCA Memphis Resources

Listen and watch sessions from the April gathering of the WCA in Memphis



Why are “Traditionalist Compatiblists” So Hard to Find?



Stand With Us

Reverend Ryan Barnet calls us to stand together and tells you how to have your voice be heard in the United Methodist Church.



A Pastoral Letter Concerning the Judicial Council Decision


(Not) Just Another Week in the UMC



The WCA and Reforming the Church

View the notes from Jeff Greenway’s keynote message at the “We Believe In the Church” gathering of the WCA in Memphis, TN April 28-29, 2017.




Promises Must Be Kept

Promises Should Be Kept

Promises Should Be Kept. Take a moment to view this message from Reverend Madeline Carrasco Henners about keeping our promises even when it is hard and society urges us to take the easy way out.





Opportunity In Change

Jesus is Lord – Still Good News?


The Bible is True

The Bible is True. Take a moment to view this message from Dr. Jeff Greenway about the nature, role and authority of scripture.





United Methodists Still Have Time (but the clock is ticking)


Five Things You Should Know About the Wesleyan Covenant Association


God is Good

God is Good! Watch this video by Ryan Barnett to see why the Wesleyan Covenant Association is giving Methodists confidence for the future so we can be a beacon of God’s goodness.




Reading Scripture the Wesley Way

Biblical Revisionism’s Stolen Valor

Why We Believe in the Church (by, Rev Tom Lambrecht)

What is the WCA? Why is it needed now?

Please take a moment to view Reverend Madeline Carrasco Henners’ message as she answers the questions, “What is the WCA?” and “Why is it needed now?”.




WCA Introductory Video

This video was used to begin the day in Chicago and set the tone for what the WCA is all about.



wca-chicago-resources-bannerWCA Chicago Videos

These are the eight sessions from the WCA Inaugural Conference in Chicago, Illinois.



MosaicUMCVideoReach the least, the last, and the lost for Christ

Pastor Carolyn Moore describes the ministry of Mosaic to reach the least, the last, and the lost for Christ. This is the kind of ministry that the WCA champions.



MadelineCarrascoHennersVideo Recovery of the historic faith of the church

In this video, Rev. Henners shares her theological journey as a former progressive whom God moved toward a recovery of the historic faith of the church.



WhytheWesleyanCovenantAssociationWhy the Wesleyan Covenant Association

Rev. Rob Renfroe gives the background context for why the Wesleyan Covenant Association has been formed and what it hopes to accomplish.



RyanBarnettVideoWhy the WCA is needed

Rev. Ryan Barnett casts a vision for why the WCA is needed and what he hopes it will accomplish



WCA Summary Card

The Wesleyan Covenant Association stands together as an alliance to advance vibrant, scriptural Christianity within the global United Methodist Church.



Downloadable Speeches and Interviews:


Jeff Greenway – How did we get here

WCA in 100 words

Chris Ritter – UM Pastors, It’s Time to Have “The Talk”

Rob Renfroe – Chicago Talk “Stepping into that new day”

Tom – “Conscientious Objector!”

Jeff Greenway – Radio Interview

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