A Statement by the WCA Council

November 5, 2018

We write from a posture of great love for the Church and appreciation for how we have experienced God’s grace through The United Methodist Church. We pray for those experiencing the pain and struggle in our connection because of the failure to keep our covenants and lament our deep divisions and strife. We write from a variety of perspectives about the possibilities that are before us, recognizing that there is no pain-free way forward. Worn by the years-long struggle, we remain hopeful for a faithful resolution.

Our intent with this statement is to provide clarity about our present situation and future direction.

  • We urge adoption of the Modified Traditional Plan and encourage pastors and churches to stay engaged and work for its implementation. We pray that the accountability measures in this plan would restore faithfulness to our long-standing covenant. We are committed to giving a fair opportunity for these measures to be proven effective.
  • We understand that there are pastors, laity, and congregations that for a wide variety of reasons are tired of this struggle and will come to the painful conclusion that they must leave The United Methodist Church regardless of the outcome of the 2019 General Conference. We intend to work for alternatives for such churches to be in a new expression of connectional ministry.
  • We maintain that the adoption of the One Church Plan, with the changing of the definition of marriage and the changing of ordination standards, would be untenable and would force us to lead in the formation of a new expression of connectional Methodism.

Compelled by God’s love for all people, we continue to pray for God’s plans and purposes to be fulfilled through The United Methodist Church and our unfolding role as the Wesleyan Covenant Association. We call for you to join us in this prayer.

Jeffrey E. Greenway, Chair
Wesleyan Covenant Association Council