Chicago Resources

Find Here the Information from the October 7 Launch Event!

We had a tremendous launch event in Chicago on October 7, 2016, with approximately 1,800 people in attendance. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully to bring unity and encouragement to those gathered. As they become available, we will post here the videos, presentations, and other information from the day. Feel free to use these resources in sharing the WCA story with colleagues, church members, and neighboring congregations.

WCA Introductory Video

This video was used to begin the day in Chicago and set the tone for what the WCA is all about.

WCA Chicago Videos

These are the eight sessions from the WCA Inaugural Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Mosaic UMC Video

Pastor Carolyn Moore describes the ministry of Mosaic to reach the least, the last, and the lost for Christ. This is the kind of ministry that the WCA champions.

Madeline Carrasco Henners Video

In this video, Rev. Henners shares her theological journey as a former progressive whom God moved toward a recovery of the historic faith of the church.

Why the Wesleyan Covenant Association

Rev. Rob Renfroe gives the background context for why the Wesleyan Covenant Association has been formed and what it hopes to accomplish.

Ryan Barnett Video

Rev. Ryan Barnett casts a vision for why the WCA is needed and what he hopes it will accomplish