The day will be filled worship, challenging presentations, warm-hearted testimonies,
and the celebration of Holy Communion

November 3rd

8:00 AM CT/PT; 9:00 AM ET/MTDoors Open, Gathering, Late Registration

9:00 AM CT/PT; 10:00 AM ET/MT – Opening Worship

9:40 AM CT/PT; 10:40 AM ET/MT Session One –
Not Ashamed of Christ & His Claims;
Not Ashamed of the Scriptures

10:30 AM CT/PT; 11:30 AM ET/MT Break

10:50 AM CT/PT; 11:50 AM ET/MT Session Two –
Not Ashamed of the Gospel;
Not Ashamed in the Midst of a Postmodern World

Noon CT/PT; 1:00 PM ET/MT Lunch

12:45 PM CT/PT; 1:45 PM ET/MT Session Three –
Not Ashamed to Preach Scriptural Holiness

1:35 PM CT/PT; 2:45 ET/MT Session Four –
Not Ashamed of the Next Methodism

2:00 PM CT/PT; 3:00 PM ET/MT Break

2:20 PM CT/PT; 3:20 ET/MT Closing Worship & Communion

3:00 PM CT/PT; 4:00 PM ET/MT Event Concludes


Join thousands of others – Unashamed of our Lord!