Indianapolis Plan Leaders

The United Methodist clergy and laity who have developed and endorsed the Draft Basic Provisions of an Indianapolis Plan realizing that it is not yet complete are listed below.  Organizational names are provided for identification purposes only and do not imply that these congregations and organizations have endorsed these proposals.

Rev. Dr. Kent Millard, President
United Theological Seminary
Dayton, Ohio

Rev. Darren Cushman-Wood, Senior Pastor
North United Methodist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Rev. Keith Boyette, President
Wesleyan Covenant Association

Rev. Dr. Cathy Johns, Senior Pastor
Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rev. Judy Zabel, Senior Pastor
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rev. Tom Lambrecht, Vice President and General Manager
Good News

Lynette Fields, layperson
Florida Annual Conference

Cara Nicklas, Attorney
Lay Delegate Oklahoma Annual Conference

Rev. Dr. John E. Stephens, Senior Pastor
Chapelwood United Methodist Church
Houston, Texas

Krystl D. Johnson, Lay Delegate
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference

Rev. Dr. Doug Damron, Senior Pastor
Epworth United Methodist Church
Toledo, Ohio

Rev. Dr. Chris Ritter, Directing Pastor
First United Methodist Church
Genesco, Illinois