Prayer Wave

Please join the Wesleyan Covenant Association International Intercessory Prayer Network’s Prayer Wave. Below is a list of regional chapters and how to join one of the Prayer Waves. If your chapter area is not listed, please connect with a neighboring regional chapter in your time zone. All our welcome to join the Prayer Wave!

Chapter Area Conference Call Number Access Code
Kenya (East Africa) Contact ouma7021@yahoo.com to join the gathering.
Arkansas 760-548-9267 No code needed
California Nevada 646-749-3112 893 892 029
California Pacific Contact cyndyhaworth@yahoo.com to join the gathering.
East Ohio 701-801-6688 No code needed
Great Plains 617-769-8693 No code needed
Greater New Jersey 351-888-6932 No code needed
Greater Northwest 844-855-4444 393259#
Holston 339-209-6454 No code needed
Illinois Great Rivers 339-209-4561 No code needed
Indiana 351-888-6963 No code needed
Iowa 760-548-9378 No code needed
Kentucky 339-209-4850 No code needed
Louisiana 978-990-5000 650933#
Michigan 515-604-9097 495095#
Minnesota 617-793-8923 No code needed
North Georgia 646-558-8656 605 829 929
North Texas 508-924-1466 No code needed
South Carolina 339-209-5774 No code needed
Upper New York Contact johnloeser@yahoo.com to join the gathering.
Western North Carolina 701-801-6230 No code needed
Western Pennsylvania 339-207-8184 No code needed