Prayer Wave

Please join the Wesleyan Covenant Association International Intercessory Prayer Network’s Prayer Wave. Below is a list of regional chapters and how to join one of the Prayer Waves. If your chapter area is not listed, please connect with a neighboring regional chapter in your time zone. All our welcome to join the Prayer Wave!

Chapter Area Conference Call Number Access Code
Kenya (East Africa) Contact to join the gathering.
Arkansas 760-548-9267 No code needed
California Nevada 646-749-3112 893 892 029
California Pacific Contact to join the gathering.
East Ohio 701-801-6688 No code needed
Great Plains 617-769-8693 No code needed
Greater New Jersey 351-888-6932 No code needed
Greater Northwest 844-855-4444 393259#
Holston 339-209-6454 No code needed
Illinois Great Rivers 339-209-4561 No code needed
Indiana 351-888-6963 No code needed
Iowa 760-548-9378 No code needed
Kentucky 339-209-4850 No code needed
Louisiana 978-990-5000 650933#
Michigan 515-604-9097 495095#
Minnesota 617-793-8923 No code needed
North Georgia 646-558-8656 605 829 929
North Texas 508-924-1466 No code needed
South Carolina 339-209-5774 No code needed
Upper New York Contact to join the gathering.
Western North Carolina 701-801-6230 No code needed
Western Pennsylvania 339-207-8184 No code needed