Confidence for the Future

April 5, 2018

A Message from the Wesleyan Covenant Association

“We’re an evangelical, orthodox congregation in an annual conference that leans progressive. We’re growing so fast that we desperately need to expand our physical plant. We have the funds on hand to put a shovel in the ground right now, but we’re reluctant to move forward given all the uncertainty in The United Methodist Church. What should we do?”

“I’m a third year seminary student and I’ve already completed some steps towards becoming a pastor. Theologically, I align with the people and churches that have joined the Wesleyan Covenant Association. Should I continue to pursue ordination in the UM Church?

“I’ve been a member of my church for 54 years so my family and I have deep roots here. However, our bishop is living beyond what I understand are the UM Church’s teachings on marriage. I don’t know that I can, in good conscience, continue to support my church financially if it is going to forward funds to a conference with a leader out of compliance with the church’s teachings. What do you think I should do?”

These are actual questions addressed to leaders of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. They are difficult and sometimes wrenching, indicative of the very uncertain times in which we all find ourselves. For now, United Methodists must live with this uncertainty as we await the results of the special, called General Conference in late February 2019.

And yet, for very good reasons, we are confident about the future for the people called Methodists. When people who believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture unite together there is every reason to be confident. Jesus is our crucified and resurrected Lord, the savior of the world. And Scripture continues to be that life-giving word that shapes the church’s core teachings and guides us in our daily walks of discipleship.

In just 18 months the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) has become one of most dynamic, important, and vibrant movements within the UM Church. Thousands of United Methodists and hundreds of local churches have joined us, and more join every week. They long for a church fully committed to proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Scripture as God’s life-giving word. They are confident that a church so committed will share the Gospel with passion, and will see lives transformed, disciples made, the poor empowered, the lost found, and the church become the beacon Christ intended it to be!

The WCA Council and its staff are humbled and inspired by the thousands who have caught this vision and joined us in so short amount of time. They have done more than just sign a petition. They have given sacrificially; giving $100, $50 or $25 to become individual members, and local congregations have contributed $1.50 per church member so their churches can join with many others.

Not surprisingly, given the WCA’s staunch stand for the church’s core teachings and its rapid growth, the movement has attracted its share of criticism, much of it misguided, some of it full of silly conspiracy theories, and some just factually wrong. Nevertheless, we’re actually flattered by all the attention, and take it as sign of just how seriously people are taking our young and vibrant movement.

As we celebrate the joy of our Risen Lord this Easter Season we are very thankful for the many people and churches that have joined the Wesleyan Covenant Association! With them, we long for a healthy and vibrant church, and we have every confidence that the Lord will bless and prosper our work together. We encourage you to stand strong, to encourage other individuals and local churches to join us, and to always be filled with hope!

If you have not already joined the Wesleyan Covenant Association, we invite you to do so today!

And for those of you who are already members and want to make an additional investment in our movement, we welcome and are exceedingly thankful for your generosity!

You, all of us, are making a great difference for a faithful and fruitful church, one full of confidence for the future!


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