Wesleyan Covenant Association

Confidence for the Future

Who We Are

The Wesleyan Covenant Association connects Spirit-filled, orthodox churches of Wesleyan theology and their members.

We believe change is coming and as we live into what comes next, the Wesleyan Covenant Association will connect, encourage, and resource clergy, laity, congregations, regional chapters, and bishops by:

  • Committing to the authority of Scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Developing a plan for a positive and faithful future.

The Wesleyan Covenant Association…Confidence for the Future

Featured Article

Many Questions and Where to Find Answers

“I’m a seminary student nearing graduation and I’d like to serve in the new global Methodist church; will it recognize the courses I have taken in church history, doctrine and polity? “Will retired UM clergy be allowed to transfer their clergy membership into the new church?” “Will there be a ‘trust clause’ in the new … Continue Reading

The Holy Conversations Podcast

A Bishop’s View with Bishop Bob Hayes

September 24, 2020

What’s it like to be in the room with the Council of Bishops? Retired Bishop Bob Hayes offers us an inside look as well his views on race and the future of Methodism. He also envisions the kinds of bishops a new traditional Methodist Church will need. Plus, we get some of is powerful gospel preaching on the side!

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